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VanDusen gardens and cherry blossoms in Vancouver! [Apr. 14th, 2008|04:31 pm]
Trip Spam


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Hello all! Last weekend my parents came to visit and we all went to see Mama Mia! (AWESOME btw) Taking the opportunity to use my mom's camera during cherry blossom season we drove around my neighborhood and went to a local garden - Vandusen. If you're ever in Vancouver, don't miss it! It was lovely. Very different from Buchart Gardens near Victoria, but also very beautiful.

First, on a walk with Dad in the morning - these trees line all the streets in my neighborhood. When it stops raining for a moment it's spectacular.

Holly grows in all shapes and sizes!

Many trees are still dormant, but the magnolias cheered the place up a lot!

I love the buds of the Red Maple too! And I must go back to see it in the fall too.

The wind storm a few years ago that tore apart Stanley Park also meant a lot of changes to VanDusen. In taking out deadfall they re-discovered a cherry grove that was always there. They're now adding to it about 20 trees/year.

I adore the ghostly birch trees in the background. I grew up on the prairies, I have a strong affinity for birch and poplar!

Weeping Higan Cherry.

Mama tree protecting her spring flock

The neighborhood again!

If you want to see the whole album, it's here: http://picasaweb.google.ca/nerniner/April6th2008MamaMiaWeekendWithMomAndDad